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People Management Kit, 3 days training

The course focuses on a practical application: each of the course participants will have to assess, coordinate, motivate and shape a virtual team of Medical Representatives with different  typologies, levels of experience, object, degree of motivation so that they reach goals. The program takes into consideration the ASM business focus behaviour and learns them to focus on people.

Who is it for?

Area Sales Managers teams at the beginning of their career in middle management position and those with experience.

Course agenda


  • Managerial correspondence – team, adaptability and recommendations
  • Typology – motivation area – managerial style – individual performance relation
  • Culture and organizational dynamic
  • Model of organizational behaviour
  • Personality – behaviour relation. Job Fit Theory.
  • Behavioural shaping techniques
  • Behaviour inclusion and reinforcement
  • Job key dimensions – critical requirements – performance relation 

WORKSHOP: The development of the characteristic model of Medical Representative/ Sales job, group presentation
WORKSHEET: Team diagnosis according to Hersey & Blanchard and adapting the managerial style
WORKSHEET: Identifying the operational work parameters specific to the individual
WORKSHEET: Stress – performance relation, characteristics of inflexion point
QUESTIONAIRE: Personality and correspondence with job responsibilities evaluation


  • Motivational Theories: Maslow Theories, Herzberg Theories, Expectancy Theory , Equity Theory
  • Integrated motivational model, correctional factors
  • Difficult typologies, indicators
  • Reinforcement recommendations and leadership style (managerial elasticity)
  • Lack of motivation of decreasing motivation/ Poor performance
  • Difficult individual
  • Double visit. Preparation. Types and objectives.
  • Evaluation parameters

WORKSHEET: Team diagnosis in relation to the motivational theories, individual sustainment
WORKSHOP: Mini- dialog scenarios regarding “problem” management situations
WORKSHOP: Mini- double visit scenarios (visit objective)