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Key Account Management Toolkit, 2 days training

The KAM toolkit is dedicated to experienced medical representatives with narrow target and high frequency. The course curricula are focused on relationship management. The most important feature of this program is the focus on developing practical skills. Guided by our trainers, the students will develop an action plan for 3 clients, plan that they will be able to implement immediately when they will return to work. Case studies will be discussed to demonstrate practical strategies used by other businesses, local and international, to strengthen customer relationships.

Who is it for?

New or experienced Key Account Managers teams, Medical Representatives from the hospital segment, Sales Managers who seek to strengthen their customer relationships and develop new strategies for each Key Account. The program is meant for the organizations with a predominant approach of B2B.

After this course your team’s Key Account Managers will knowhow to:

  1. Identify the correct criteria to select, segment and manage key accounts (hospitals, influential and decision groups, pharmaceutical chains, etc.).
  2. Use practical tools to assess the current state of their client’s affairs and business opportunities.
  3. Explore and discover formal and informal structures within a key account and sources of power and decision factors (key account mapping).
  4. Develop relationships with customers by raising awareness of their needs.
  5. Analyze each key account as a centre of profit/ cost.
  6. Create a Key Account Management Plan for each key account considered relevant for promotion specific.


Key Account Manager, role and organizational perspective
WORKSHOP: Key skills diagram, group presentation
Key Account diagnosis, scale of partnership levels, diagnostic criteria and ascent solutions
WORKSHEET: Evaluation of partnership classification and risk threshold, individual support
Identification and enrichment of market opportunities in relation to: SMART Objectives, competition, sales and partnership performance history
WORKSHEET: Identifying opportunities by scoring SWOT, individual support
Mapping the organization type client, identifying ‘political’ groups and decision factors
GROUP EXERCISE: Power of decision, evaluation and client’s classification, client map
CASE STUDY:  Mirrored relations, Opportunity Evaluation
Influence and KA involvement, network design and approach plan
Relationship management, new vs. lost client’s auto evaluation, customer’s “lifetime” calculation method
WORKSHEET:  Lost clients “lifetime” calculus
Identification and scoring of loss factors, individual support
Offered value components versus main competitor
WORKSHOP: Customer offered value, comparative calculus,  group support
Customer satisfaction, identification methods, correlation and value improvement
WORKSHOP: Satisfaction index calculation and dynamic partnership