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Number of Medical Representatives in CSO teams = 1400
Did you know that, with an average of 100 employees per year, Expand Health is considered one of the top 20 employers in the pharmaceutical field increasing year by year the staff number with more than 20%?  

Number of implemented CSO projects = 167
Did you know that, with an average of 12 new CSO projects per year, Expand Health is the CSO team’s market leader in Romania, managing different kind of CSO projects, from temporary replacements to strategic full packaged teams?

Number of CSO Pharmaceutical Partners = 80
Did you know that, by adding 5 new pharmaceutical partners each year, Expand Health achieved already the biggest pharmaceutical client’s portfolio in the specific consultancy field and the company is considered a landmark in the field?

CSO Working Package Upgrades
Did you know that, Expand Health, one of the most innovative pharmaceutical employers, is making important financial investments in upgrading the CSO employees with the newest technology tools in order to increase their performance and retention rate?           

CSO Employee Reward Card
Did you know that, Expand Health, taking into consideration the CSO job temporary profile, is granting its CSO employees with special rewards and recognition by allocating for each new CSO employee a special package of services and individual benefits upgraded year by year?     

CSO Project’s Customized Reports
Did you know that, Expand Health is customizing the HR, logistic and financial reports for each of its current CSO projects, by delivering transparent information regarding all CSO category costs organized upon the client formats in order to be consolidated with its own?

CSO Monthly Newsletter
Did you know that, in order to up-date the client regarding the CSO project evolution, Expand Health is now sending to each partner a monthly one page newsletter, informing about the team live status, replacements in progress, team changes or any other relevant information?  

CSO Induction Speed
 Did you know that, in Expand Health, the employment procedures could be speed up to one day from our client request to do it and a new employee could be ready to go in the field with working package and induction training in less than a week?