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Territory Business Plan Toolkit, 2 days workshop

The most important feature of this program is the focus on developing practical skills. Guided by our trainers, Medical Representatives will develop an action plan for a virtual territory, plan that can later be applied to real territories and clients. Following this workshop, the attendees will be more efficient in managing both, individual and company resources, they will have more focus on catching opportunities and delivering optimal business solutions.

Who is it for?

Medical Representative, Area Sales Managers, both those at the beginning of career in the pharmaceutical market as well as those with experience in health promotion, who need to develop basic competencies in analysing, planning and forecasting.

After this course the Medical Representatives/ Area Sales Managers from your team will know how to:

  1. Develop and implement a regional action plan.
  2. Effectively use the company and the individual resources.
  3. Make a comprehensive analyse of current results on sales and KPI
  4. Explore potential business targets in terms of territory, company and competition.
  5. Prioritize activities according to importance and exploit opportunities in profitable context

Workshop instructions package for business exercise session will contain:

  1. Territory Pack (last quarter)
    1. KPI
    2. Sales data
    3. Promotion activities data
    4. Competition data
  2. News Pack (next quarter)
    1. Team news
    2. Competition
    3. Portfolio and Budget news
  3. Business Plan template (next quarter)

Business Exercise dashboard (to be customized)