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Assertive techniques in medical promotion, one day workshop

Do you see your Reps becoming more and more reserved with their client’s relations? This workshop will add to your team trust and enthusiasm regarding the future relationship by exploring and testing new communication techniques. All Reps are considering themselves successful in approaching a new client target with a new message. But most of them fail due to overestimation.  Assertiveness is more than basic communication. It is the art of a powerful conversation!

Who is it for?

Medical Representative teams with any experience level and middle management teams; all those who want to build partnership relations in the long term with their clients and maximize the results of these relationships.

After this course Medical Representatives in your team will:

  1. Communicate at a professional level, results-oriented.
  2. Maintain a constructive, positive attitude to resolve difficult situations.
  3. Persevere to achieve their goals.
  4. Adapt to different customers typologies and maximize the results of their relationships with them.
  5. Generate commitment to prescribe the promoted products at the end of the medical visit.
  6. Build win-win partnership relations with their clients, doctors or pharmacists.

Course agenda

Assertiveness, the theory and the application

  • Definition. Typology (questionnaire)
  • Assertive formulas in medical promotion.
  • Assertive behaviour and skills.
  • Assertive activities.
  • Classification and evaluation of the characteristic communication style.(individual exercise, questionnaire).
  • Assertive answers to difficult behaviours and objections. (group exercise, worksheets).
  • Non-assertive games.
  • Classifying and evaluating non-assertive barriers. (individual exercise, questionnaire).

Approaching objection through assertive techniques

  • Objection. Definition.
  • Classifying objections. Framing.
  • Objection = opportunity.
  • Medical visit analysis. (demo video).
  • Amortising objections. Using assertive techniques (role-play).                 

ASSERTIVITY MANUAL (individual study material)